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i want to genuine windows 7

i want to genuine windows 7 please help me
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  1. You can either activate Windows online or over the phone. As soon as you activate Windows and you can access the internet, right click on 'Computer' on the Start Menu and then click 'Properties'.
    Activate windows is at the bottom and then you'll have a genuine copy of Windows.
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    Buy it. Wont get any assistance pirating Windows or any other piece of copyrighted software or material here. Period. Cheap ****.
  3. 0799597985 said:
    i want to genuine windows 7 please help me

    Just call my best bud, Steve Ballmer, and he or his crew will help you to genuine your copy of windows 7. Just tell 'em that Bill Gates sent ya...

    Bill Gates
  4. lol whats up with all these people asking for free OS lately.
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