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i want to get a new computer, and i am so hopelessly lost with graphics and processors, its very sad, i consider my self very good with computers.

anyway, i need a starting point because searching for a laptop then googling the card and processor is not working well.
i need a card and processor that can handle mass effect 2 with medium to high settings, starcraft with medium to high settings, and any modern game that will come out in the next few months (mass effect 3).

any help would be much appreciated, and if anybody can point me in a direction for a laptop under 800 with said requirements, that would be much appreciated,

on a side note, is there a site where i can kinda build my computer from the ground up, choose a set of components and they put it togther.
Thanks for all the help
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  2. Well, there are sites that let you customise your computer on a base model. The base model normaly has a default graphics card and screen but the rest of the items can be modified. Try something like this:
    Browse to their Sager notebooks (because imho they are the best) and start customising around your budget! The link is below (but the same as the one from the root website).

    *Note. I would only recommend this site if you are currently in the US as international shipping can get complicated.

  3. We need more info,such as price range,screen size and your country of choice(as Klosteral mentioned),so fill the FAQ first and we can help you more
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