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Hi, I'm looking for a good monitor for my 3D work as well as some gaming. I will be using 3 of them in a triple monitor set-up, though I won't often be using all of them when gaming.

Ideally I would like it to be no smaller than 23" and have negligible ghosting (especially not reverse ghosting). In terms of picture quality, I would like it to have good colours and dark blacks (I play a lot of dark games, if you've ever played Penumbra or Amnesia you'll know what I mean ;) ).

For comparison purposes, the monitor I have been using for the past 3 years is a 19" Samsung SyncMaster T190 which I have been very happy with, I just need to upgrade to something bigger and better. My budget is around £250 (max) per monitor, though I would prefer to not go much above £200 per monitor.

I know that IPS monitors are the best for colour and contrast, and the best I have found so far has been the Dell U2312HM but when gaming I am worried that the reverse ghosting will get in the way too much, so are there any very good TN panels that can come close to that monitor?

Thanks in advance for any help :)

P.S: The Dell has a swivel stand which would come in useful, and I would prefer the new monitor to have a swivel stand if possible
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  1. The only monitor that might be better would be the Dell U2412M, but the only way to know for sure is to try it. I don't think the ghosting will be an issue as monitors have come a long way (I remember gaming on a 20ms GtG panel), but here is a screen test using a Macbook and Battlefield 3.


    TN panels will be faster, but they won't have as good color accuracy or contrast.
  2. That monitor keeps coming back as a good option :) . Seeing a review from TFT central it seems to be a good general all-round monitor that is good for gaming, so I might buy that one after all. I'm still open to suggestions or opinions though if anyone has any thoughts?
  3. If your going to be moving it a lot use DisplayPort over DVI.
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