Toshiba L650/OE8 vs Dell XPS 15

Hi All,

I wanted to see which of these 2 laptops would be better for gaming purposes especially for civ 5.

Toshiba L650/OE8
Intel Core i5-460M 2.53GHZ
6GB Ram
1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650

Dell XPS 15
Intel Core i5-480M 2.66GHZ
640GB 7200RPM HDD
1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 420M(with WIDI)

I like the Toshiba due to the layout but is there any point in getting extra amount of processor and ram? Live in New Zealand. Would prefer to play on high settings but medium setting fine.
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  1. Hello

    What is the price difference between the laptops?
    The performance difference between 6GB and 8GB is not going to be a factor.
    Is the Toshiba HDD a 7200rpm model as well?
    RPGs are known to favor faster CPUs but the difference 460M vs 480M should not be a factor.

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 420M review
    Shows the GT 420M about 12% less powerful in 3DMark 05 and 8% lower performing in 3DMark Vantage.
    But Civ5 is known to heavily favor Nvidia video cards over AMD/ATI video cards.

    Dell XPS 15 reviews
    Toshiba Satellite L650 Series reviews

    You might want to drop this same question into one of the CIV5 forums and see what other CIV5 laptop owners have to suggest.
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