Hey Griz! Here's your next project.

2016 Mhz <A HREF="http://www.overclockers.com/tips422/" target="_new"> Liquid Nitrogen </A> cooled Athlon

Honesty's the best policy
but insanity's the better defence :eek:
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  1. :eek:

    Well I am trying to think of something liquid nitrogen style. the university about 40min away has some for like $8 a tank. although you have to buy the tank for $700 hehe

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  2. Supper conducting CPU's, cool.
  3. Supper? where? I'm hungry.

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  4. and I always thought getting supper in your computer was bad...

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  5. Actually, there are no pure-metal superconductors at liquid nitrogen temperatures. The only superconductors at these "high" temps are complex alloys that have been designed in labs. For example, aluminium goes superconductive at 1.2K (-272C), much lower than liquid N.

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  6. Just a thought, is LN2 conductive?
    ie. could you fill a big tank and put the whole
    computer in?
    I know you would have to put the floppy and DVD/CD
    out of the tank (are hard drives hermetically sealed?)

    This way CPU, chipset, memory, etc. could all be
    overclocked to hell and back

    Honesty's the best policy
    but insanity's the better defence :eek:
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