Windows explorer error after system restore.

I restored to a Windows Restore Point. Date was several months prior.

Windows backed up what it needed for the restore on my external HD.

Restored then after the computer reboot I have an error that will not allow me to do anything when windows is running.

"Windows Explorer has stopped working. Checking for the problem."
"Restarting Windows Explorer"
The icons disappear for a moment, return, then the error windows cycle through.
This process repeats itself an will not stop.
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  1. Why did you restore to an old restore point? Because you had trouble already? Running a checkdisk on your hard drive should be the next action. You can do that from a windows install disk.
  2. Hi :)

    Run a hard drive test in DOS...HIRENS CD etc, it sounds like a failing hard drive... on BOTH DRIVES ...

    All the best Brett :)
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