New Gaming Monitor ~$150

I'm working on a new home system for gaming and need to pick out a monitor. I don't have the biggest budget and am looking to get something that will work well with a Radeon 7970.

Purchase Date: Within the next week

Budget: Around $150 but I can maybe go a little higher

Usage: Gaming mostly with possibly a video or two

Preferred Website: Newegg, Amazon, or Ebay

Country: US

Brand Preference: None

Size: At least 20" but preferably closer to 24", widescreen

Resolution: At least 1920x1080

Panel Type: No preference

LED Backlight: Not a huge issue

Speakers: Preferable, though this is negotiable

Wall Mount: Not needed

Stand functions: Not a huge issue

I'm looking for the best image quality, and as it's for gaming, a low refresh rate is preferable.

I've found this ( on sale on newegg and it looked pretty good, but I'm open to any suggestions as well.
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  1. This is about the best your going to get for $150:

    Frankly though, you'd be better off appropriating funds from your $400+ dollar graphics card and putting it towards a decent monitor, $150 is rather low end.
  2. sk1939, thanks for the quick response.

    I know the graphics card is little much, but I figured I'd go high end on either that or the monitor and then upgrade the other in the future when I have a little bit more cash.
  3. No problem.

    Makes sense, although I hope the rest of your system can keep up with it.
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