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Hi everyone. I am building my first computer. I will be using it for gaming, multimedia editing/viewing, high multitasking, Internet, and document processing. My GPU will be a Radeon HD 7970. I most likely will do Crossfire; if not now, then later on.

I would prefer to have this monitor to be at least at 1920x1080. Because I will be using it for gaming I am looking for a monitor that has a fast respone time so most likey 5ms and below. My budget is probably around $400 and below. I'm pretty flexible with the price, but I do not want to spend an insane amount of money. I would prefer if the monitor was around $200-$300. I prefer IPS (for better quality), and I don't care as much about size, but probably 23" and up. 3D would be amazing if we could get it for the price and other specs, but it is my least important option. I would also like it to be LED backlit. I need to have either an HDMI or a Display Port on the monitor, preferably both.

I have found the Asus VG23AH and it meets most of these requirements, but I am unsure of how great this monitor acutally is. Any reviews or insight on it would also be helpful. The link to the monitor is here.

Suggestions, reviews, and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)
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  1. IPS panels are not going to be as fast as TN panels so I'm going to either ignore the IPS requirement, or ignore the 5ms requirement.

    It's either the Asus or the Dell U2412M frankly, and the Asus is a lower cost. I know very little about that model, other than the fact that I hear the 3D is only so-so compared to the more expensive monitors, and that color accuracy isn't up to the Dell Ultrasharps.
  2. Alright I understand my requirements were impossible. How is the Asus VS248H-P for a monitor, especially in a three monitor setup with two 7950s? Does anyone have any experience with this monitor or any suggestions? A price near the Asus VS248H-P would really help so I can get three. Thanks!
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