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I think my cpu burned up, but im not certain whats wrong... When turned on my computer today the monitor wasnt recieving a signal. I first checked all the plugs then my HD and vid card. It was after a few times of turning my comp on and off that although all my components turned on and whatnot my computer didnt seem to be booting up. No beep.... Could this be anything other then a shot cpu? Is there anyway to tell if its shot?
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  1. Why not start by telling us exactly what happened right before this started happening... I poked in my bios a few days ago, and my computer did the same thing you're describing until I pulled the cmos battery and shorted it out to reset the bios. It started working again normally... What did you do?

    Ps. You should try a reset anyway...
  2. Loose Cable inside the comp, Loose Monitor Cable, it could be anything. Do you have any reason to think it was the cpu?

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  3. I just turned it on and this happened... the last time I used it everything was working fine. How would I go about reseting it?
  4. Check your power supply.
    About two weeks ago I turned on a system that I rarely use. I heard a faint bzzzt, and smelled a little burnt insulation. The power supply had just cooked itself (and took the MB with it!). That's the first thing I would check, either with a new/borrowed one, or just stick a dc volt meter in one of the spare HD supply plugs.

    And one other thing...
    I've heard of at least one guy that had the switch on the front of the box go bad. Be sure something is actually happening when you push that button!

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  5. When I hit the button EVERYthing turns on, but it doesnt boot up, I dont see how the power supply could be the problem, but ill check it.
  6. most likely your cpu performed a hari-kari on it self.

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  7. A power supply can turn on and appear to be functioning normally, btu not be outputting the proper voltage to power the board up. Try resetting the cmos first, it's the easiest. You just have to unplug the pc, pop the cmos battery out, and short it out. To short it, first read your manual and see if it gives information for it (may be called recovering/resetting bios password or similar). If not, look for a jumper or two solder points in the same vacinity as the battery. It was labeled clrtc on my board (a7m266) for 'clear real time clock'. Either way, either use a jumper or a screwdriver to short the two leads together for about 5 seconds to clear the cmos then try to boot again.

    If you can't find the short point, post what kind fo mb you have and we'll try to help more...

    If it isn't that, it could be any number of things, you'll just have to narrow it down.

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  9. That can be shot bios or cmos settings, or fryed m/b . On some systems if card(video for example) moves from it position 1/4mm computer aren't making POST , and not beeps. It still can be power supplay - some of them dont work wery well when power is jurky - other computers may work, power led is lighting, but system is silent and blank. If you just overclocked your cpu , or cpu fan is not working it might be also burnt cpu.

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  10. Ovrrdrive I love you... I have the exact same MB and apperantly this was the problem. Only thing is I didnt fiddle with anything so I have no idea why it did it. Everything is working just fine now, thanks for the help.
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