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Be sure to check Notrium.

It's a realtime SF survival game, free, and a damn good one. It relies on
randomness to ensure replayablity. Shooting as well as food, temperature,
and energy management. Day and night cycle, weather, collecting firewood
and assembling weapons...

I wouldn't post it if it wasn't _extremely_modable_. Just download (a couple
of megs) and take a look into /data directory. All game rules are in plain
text. Now open Notes.txt (same dir) and look at list of conditions/effects.
There are like 60 effects and 30+ conditions for you to play with. Each
condition takes up to 2 parameters, and each effect has up to 4.

The only serious flaw in this game is poor AI/pathfinding. That's why most
of the game is under open sky. No buildings/dungeons, sorry.

It has no support for player stats, but a workaround can be made using bars
and scripts.

I've been modding Notrium for some time now, and the sheer flexibility and
potential of it can only be compared with Roguelike games. And it has
several endings, too. If the pathfinding/LOS algorithms were faster, you
could make a roguelike mod for Notrium. Actually you can do it now, but
you'd be limited to outdoors only.

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    I feel silly for repplying to myself, but I forgot one important thing:

    I post about Notrium because a while ago someone was asking for
    Roguelike/realtime/whatever hybrids. Notrium is closest to accomplishing
    that, I think.

    Sorry if Notrium was mentioned on this group earlier, I did some basic

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    I've played Notrium. it was pretty cool, but the AI is just pathetic.
    It fits in well with the roguelike theme
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