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Was wondering if anyone knows if you can use the Razer Naga without Razer Synapse and still have a custom key layout. I've disabled razer synapse and have been able to keep my same DPI settings but the buttons all get set back to default. I'd like to have one of my number keyes or forward/back set to insert for easy use of mumble vent etc.
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  1. of course. razer synapse is what remapped the buttons to what you set them to.

    why would you want to disable razer synapse? it causes no issues and runs in the background.

    of course you can use the mouse without drivers but any special keys that the windows drivers do not recognize might not work or may be set to defaults. in this case the only thing you could do is change the program settings so that the shortcut key matches the key on the mouse.

    in my opinion there really is no benefit to not using the razer drivers.
  2. this may be a reason, but the razor software itself tends to be VERY annoying, from just forgetting all my key settings and profiles, to forced upgrades which took away all functionality till i restart my computer, granted they fixed one of those problems but the other still happens at random.
  3. not including if it needs an update it forces you to restart or quit the program middle of the game or not.
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