Need to replace a P133

Not sure what I can put in its place in the MOBO -- support has not e-mailed me back. Can anyone give me some advice as to what processor I can put in this computer:

It's my grandfather's computer, and he does not need to really go into anything heavy duty, but I was hoping to perhaps put a P2 300 in it.


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  1. It will support a Pentium Classic to 200MHz, or a Pentium 200MMX Overdrive (the one with built-on resistors), or you can get a K6-2 400 overdrive from <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    Why you would think it could take a PII I will never understand, the PII is a Slot1 processor.

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  2. It's because he doesnt know, that's why he is here asking.

    Dont be such a d-head.
  3. Thanks for the answer and the retort.

    Now, could I use a 233MMX, or am I somehow only limited to a 200MMX?

    He who laughs at something wrong
    Has found someone else to blame it on
  4. I think all mmx boards allowed 233.

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  5. The only MMX processors it will support are Overdrives. This is because it is not a dual voltage motheboard, and all MMX processors are dual voltage. The MMX Overdrive makes it possible by adding resistors on top of the processor, then using a special heatsink to fit over the resistors. The fastest Genuine Pentium MMX Overdrive is 200MHz. The 233 is not available as an overdrive from Intel, although several more expensive versions are sold by various manufacturers such a Kingston, produced from modified processors. So your next logical step is a K6-2 overdrive, again, these overdrives have their own resistors.
    Additionally, your motherboard only supports up to 3x multiplier (3x66.6), meaning that, in all cases, you are stuck using overdrives, unless you want to go with a Pentium Classic 200 or slower. I would go for the overdrives!
    BTW, the Pentium MMX 200 Overdrive cost about the same as the Pentium Classic 200, between $40 and $50. Faster AMD overdrives are a little more pricey.

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