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Ok so I just built my first rig with windows 7 professional and everything was going fine until I tried installing the Xbox 360 wired controller. So I went to Microsoft and downloaded the exe file and then I plugged the controller in and it recognized and said ready on all parts. I press the Xbox button and the little icon pops up on screen so it's working. I go into steam and can page through menus. But when I start crisis or res faction, games I know that I have used the controller with I get absolutely nothing. So I went out and bought the Logitech game pad F710 and same thing happens it test fine but nothing when I get into the game! :( if anyone can help me out please do. I am in the process of reinstalling windows 7 after I have looked all over the net today.
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  1. Some games may need you to enable JOYSTICK/GAMEPAD support in the games options.

    If it tests O.K in Windows chances are you just need to enable it in game.

    If a game does not support gamepads. I know the software JOY2KEY(it has been LONG since I have used this.) used to let joystick commands fake keyboard key presses.
  2. I have looked in the options and it doesn't have an enable gamepad just says you can use it. And from what I have read most newer games are built with computer in mind for plug and play devices. My razer nostromos installed just fine but it's much different haha. Well windows re installed so let's start over. My friend is using a mascara same as me for Skyrim on his Alienware laptop and it just plugs right it and he has also plugged my Xbox controller in and it works
  3. the Xbox 360 wired controller should just be plug and play

    didnt install any executable software from microsoft for mine

    just plugged it in and windows installed the driver

    though i only use it for driving games

    trying to aim on games like crysis i found the mouse much better
  4. Yeah i have been a console game my entire life but I have been playing gw2 and decided I wanted a better machine then my qosmio x305 from 2008. But still like a controller for shooters I'm slowly training my fingers for keyboard. Also I am running the p8z77 v deluxe by asus what software if anyone here is familiar should instal ie ai suite and all that stuff? I don't wanna big it down
  5. running an asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3

    only thing i use in AI suite is the usb 3.0 boost

    and the temperature monitoring in AI suite sucks

    always 10c too low

    then you get stupid popups saying your cpu temperature is -123c or your 12v is 44v etc

    so personally i dont recommend AI suite
  6. That's what I have read else where. Still learning so ill figure this all out. Going back to the Xbox controller do you know of any windows updates that are needed? Cause I have win7 pro with service pack 1 need to get everything after that
  7. dont know of any updates that are needed to run the xbox controller

    far as i know its just the driver

    i know theres some sort of software from microsoft like mentioned earlier

    but its not a requirement to make it work as i never installed it
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  9. Alright we'll I'm almost done with drivers then ill be doing windows updates then the Xbox remote then a game. Thanks again for the input.
  10. you are welcome :)
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  13. Can you at least map the joypad buttons manually? Some games simply don't come with a default joypad config. Most Unreal titles do, but most other games do not. You can still bind the buttons manually though.
  14. ALRIGHTY So just to let everyone know, I reinstalled windows 7 professional, then i installed all the drivers that came with the motherboard and some of the software, then i downloaded all the windows updates. After all that i just plugged the xbox wired controller in and it worked. I did not download the Microsoft file from their website. Well thats all folks. I wish i could have pin pointed the problem exactly or if i was missing an update that was critical to this device.
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