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Hi, My computer laptop is not detecting usb flash stick my os system is windows 7, when I plugin the usb flash stick into my laptop a pop up say's ''installing device driver software'' , then a pop up says ''device driver software was not succesfully installed '' I have tried usb stick on another usb port on my laptop but still the same popup not working. In device manager on other devices, it has a usb disk 2.0 box with a yellow exclamation mark at the side, I tried to up date, the same popup appears saying ''Windows was unable to install your usb disk 2.0 ''.Then I tried the usb stick on another computer and it worked correctly. Please, What could be the problem with my laptop. Regards.
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  1. That could be a problem with the flash stick rather than the laptop. What brand is the flash stick? You might try looking at the manufacturer's website for drivers if it failed to auto-install drivers from the usb stick itself.
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