Driver issues, SSD issues, or hardware issues?

Okay so I just built my first system, and I had my dad (who I don't live with currently) install W7 to my SSD. I decided to wait on buying a CD drive until I need one. The issue I'm having is that its trying to find my fathers laptop hardware and its running startup repair, it runs for 5 seconds and then another window pops up asking to do a system restore. Then it freezes. Do I need to buy a CD and run the OS from a disc and then configure the drivers that way? Or is there a way around this since I have all of my hardwares most recent drivers on the SSD.
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  1. do you mean your dad put the ssd in his laptop and installed windows then put it in your pc?

    if so its not surprising you are having issues due to different hardware
  2. Hi :)

    You NEED to install 7 on YOUR machine not another, as you just found out it doesn't work...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. I installed it on the internal SSD that's in my PC right now, along with all the updated drivers for my hardware. Its impossible that way?
  4. bit confused here

    why then did you say

    its trying to find my fathers laptop hardware
  5. He installed it on his laptop to my SSD thats in my PC now
  6. then as we already said --you have a problem

    really you want to buy a windows disc and do a clean install to your pc
  7. Ahhh I see, thank you.
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  9. siltix said:
    Ahhh I see, thank you.

    just try to download the internet drivers before hand to a flash drive etc in case you need those

    as long as you get internet drivers everything else can then be updated
  10. you can try booting into safe mode and remove all the drivers under device manager. if you cant get to them if you have a vailid oem number there are legit places on the web to download windows iso. you can then use the windows iso to usb tool to make a bootable usb stick.
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