Need help picking monitor

So my monitor for my xbox just died... i was hoping to get a 720p monitor that i can plug hdmi straight into... thats basically it really, also try and keep it below 100
Thanks! :D
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  1. I literally could not find a monitor with HDMI under $100, and only refurbished models under $125.

    This ASUS is an open box monitor but is $105 and has 1080 resolution and an IPS panel;

    The others are less noteworthy. You aren't going to find something new unless you add another $50 onto your budget honestly.
  2. OK thank you... I really appreciate you actually looking :D

    I found this one
    i think a tv would work as well(so if you know of any)
    and i found this monitor(its 140 but i think that should be ok... i can stretch a little)
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    I would pick the monitor over the TV, for displays brand is important and you often get what you pay for. Also, the native resolution of the monitor is higher.
  4. alright, also is that monitor better than this one(this one is the one i use for my computer)
  5. They would be about the same frankly.
  6. alright cool thank you :D just wanted to make sure i did not waste 160 on my monitor
  7. Glad I could help.

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  9. lol i will
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