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Firstly i'd like to say that i've been working a job that i don't like for around 5 months, and because of reasons at work i decided it was finally time to pack it in.
So i told me boss that i quit, and i wouldn't be in tomorrow, now i know it is not a good thing to do, i know i should give at least 1 week+ notice really, to avoid negative feedback etc. but my boss is really one of the reason i decided to quit, while this wasn't an argument, and i certainly don't throw the term around loosely, i did mean it.

He told me that i have to give 1 weeks notice or i wouldn't get paid. I don't understand how he can do this? i said how can they do that since im not on a contract at all. he said that getting paid via a pay slip was a contract????? i don't even, what?

I haven't worked many jobs and i'm always thought that 1 weeks notice was just the nice thing to do (not mandatory or loss of pay?)
I read the's page on quitting work, and while it did say that it was polite to give notice, it didn't say anything about it being required (unless you had a contract that said so)

I know that my boss did this to one of the previous employees also, who missed out on something like 2 weeks pay, it just makes me mad that he can do this.
any help is appreciated.
please don't give any lectures on how polite it would be to give notice and getting future references etc.

Thanks, Lixah
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  1. I don't know for sure, but it seems to me that requiring a one week notice in order get paid for your work should be something that is spelled out in an employment contract when you first begin. I'm with you on this one, but you may want to post this question on some sort of law forum to get a better answer.
  2. minimum 1 month notice period is mandatory
  3. They are still supposed to pay you for your hours. If they don't then you'd have to take them to court which would probably not work in your favour as they can go after you as well for breach of contract and any lost income from you leaving. It's the risk you take when leaving without notice.
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