What should I start to learn to be a game designer?

Ok I'm not sure I this is in the right category or even if there is one for something like this but anyway....

I would like to know what I should start learning for game design. I have no clue how to even start so probably just the basics for now but what are the basics etc any tips, etc. would be very apreciated! :D
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  1. Hi :)

    English at school , might help.....like how to use commas...

    And I am serious, you need to learn to be a programmer , and thats a LANGUAGE...if you dont have good grammar, its not going to help.

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Go to blizzards web site and look at the job openings. It should be enlightening.
    Look at the qualifications then work your way back from there. Google is your friend.

    edit: previously too much info. can all be found online.
  3. Maths !
  4. In general, yes, maths. But it depends what facet of game design you're interested in, because it's not a one size fits all thing:

    There is game mechanics design, where you actually design the way the rules of the game are written, the game balance numbers, etc. Statistics are pretty important for this area.

    Then you have game programming, where you need alot of linear algebra, calculus,etc; along with a ton of programming (C++ is a good base for this)

    Then there is game animation and art, which still have heavy math requirements, along with art and CAD.
  5. Heh, heavy math eh? That's new to me.

    Check out the best game design school, Full Sail.


    They are one of the best game design schools in the world. I had a friend go there.. 18 month degree set him back $120k but you make $100k+ coming out of that school. When he attended his classmates were creating the latest Doom and Finding Nemo.

    Math isn't heavily required as suggested as the applications do the heavy lifting for you.
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