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This is a brand new basic computer supplied by ComputerPlanet and on boot up W7 freezes at some stage of the startup. The screen usually freezes and produces a double image - red.
By pressing reset, the computer then boots up without a hitch and will run all day.
Tests on the mobo, memory and cpu show no faults but these tests are only possible once the computer is powered up.
The problem is erratic in safe mode using basic graphic mode.
In safe mode alone the same problem occurs. This all points to the mobo a K9N6PMG-V2.

This only happens immediately after the power button has been pressed and to m points at the PSU or other hardware other than mentioned before (DVDRW or HDD).
Any help would be appreciated
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  1. If it's only new, why don't you bring it back? all electrical goods should be covered by a 12 month warrantee and a 1 month replacement
  2. Don't think I haven't tried, but this outfit do not want to honour warranty problems and suggested I found a technician to find the problem at my expense and they would replace the part.
    I should add that I am in France - a country they are happy to supply and offer full 12 months return to base until there is a fault and then they drop you like a brick.
  3. Please list the full specs of the computer.
  4. I would suspect in this case that memory errors are causing your problems. Are you sure that you are not overclocking your computer? Go into the BIOS and set it to default settings, if this doesn’t work then try increasing the memory voltage.
    If this doesn't work then try another power supply.
  5. Have you checked for a BIOS update?
  6. Thanks folks but after taking every removable item out and re-installing plus re installing the mobo drivers the problem has gone away - fingers crossed
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