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Okay so im in the lookout to sell my gx720 to sale, unfortunately its hard to find a buyer. So im trying to find a trade form gx720 to gx620. I want a smaller laptop to get the 9 cell and easier to carry to class.
So my specs right now are T9600 and 9600m gt, but I found a person to trade a gx630 which is a little similar to the gx620. But the gx630 runs amd cpu.
So the best i can put the gx630 can be the zm-86 which runs at 2.4ghz and 2mb L2 cache and the graphics card will be the gt130m which is faster and cooler than the 9600m gt.
Now i play bfbc2 on low good but overclocking the 9600m gt to the 9700m gt can play medium. So that being said would i be able to play bfbc2 on low with the zm-86 and gt130m? and would i be able to play on medium if the gpu is overclocked. Im almost sure that the video card is what matters when gaming. So if the gpu says it can play on medium but idk about the cpu.

etc games are league of legends, wc3 and maybe sc2 on low but not serious about those games.
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  1. dang. ima bump to see if i can get an answer. I dont know much about amd cpus. just know they are inferior to intel cpus a little clarification of anything will help.
  2. Hello Espada;
    Going from the 9700M GT to the GT 130M would be a sideways upgrade - about the same performance.
  3. okay finally someone responds oh yea i know i oc my 9600 to 9700. I think ima keep my 9600 and put it in the gx630. but would the zm-86 be good for gaming with the 9700m gt play medium on sc2 and bfbc2? i play on medium for both games with the t9600 2.8ghz and 9700. i know the l2 cache is totally different but the fsb on amd is usally faster than intel. The speed is .4ghz but ocing the zm-86 to 2.8ghz i should see the same amount of results correct?
  4. Passmark CPU scores:
    AMD Turion X2 ZM-86 @ 2.4Ghz= 1159
    Intel Core2 Duo T9600 @ 2.80GHz = 2024

    Your T9600 is quite a bit more powerful, more so than the 2.4Ghz speed of the ZM-86 would suggest.
    Trading off would be a major downgrade for you.
  5. Overclocking a laptop CPU? I don't think so.
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    Espada said:
    ocing the zm-86 to 2.8ghz i should see the same amount of results correct?
    won't even be close, even if you could do the OC'ing.
  7. yea i guess im going to be on lookout to see if anyone wants to trade a gx720 barebone for the gx620 barebone. or if i can find someone to buy a gx620 and sell my gx720. i just want more of a portablity than a 17inch for school and when i lan of course. I have a desktop that plays all games on max that i play.

    edit:ocing on msi laptops with turbo button oc to 15%, 20% or 25% depends what you put on bios. ive hit my t9600 to 3.2ghz and still stays cool with ocing 9600 to 9700.
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  9. well i sold my gx720 im going to get the acer 4820tg with the money. i5 460m and 5650 with about 5-6hours of battery life. perfect for school and lanning.
  10. Sounds good. Let us know how it works out for you.
  11. yea ill make a post prob thread gonna say like acer 4820tg is a beast or something its not gonna be till 2 weeks though. gotta fix my windshield on my car first.
  12. You'll want to give it some time anyway till you get it setup and working the way you want. No hurry.
  13. yea i just got to figure out how to install a new harddrive with a clean install with oem.
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