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Hey Everyone,

Considering buying a 120HZ monitor. I know ASUS and BENQ have a few good models out on NEWEGG and Tigerdirect that have good reviews. However, ASUS had a 144hz coming out soon, so I'm thinkin I might wait for that. What do you guys think and do you have recommended brand/model?

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  1. 144Hz is such an awkward refresh rate that I imagine there is some purpose behind it, like a new 3D technology that needs it. Asus claims that it "is designed to make gaming performance in 2D and 3D even smoother." by adding 24 more frames per second.

    The other issue is that while it's a 27" panel, it's also TN and only 1920*1080 (not a big deal for some).
  2. The ASUS 144hz monitor is out now:

    I saw a video with one of the guys from ASUS talk about this monitor. He said the reason they went to 144hz is because "they could". There was no specific purpose. I believe they chose 144hz specifically, as 24hz divides into it evenly, the refresh rate of movies.

    The advantage to this refresh rate would be in latency, as the more refreshes there are, the less time a frame can sit before it is displayed, though I imagine this is a small advantage, and perhaps not even noticeable.

    The other advantage that is more pronounced is in 3D, you are at 60hz per eye and the latency feels like 60 hz in 2D. Getting to 72hz can go a long ways to making 3D smoother.

    I haven't used it, but this is based on my experience with 3D Vision and 120hz.
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