What are your experiences with the various laptop sellers?


I want to know about REAL experiences from REAL people (No androids allowed?) with laptop sellers and the type of laptops they sell.

Please keep it smart, clean and, more importantly, HONEST. Remember that some person googling "acer experiences" might come across this thread and will take what you say seriously.
If you go on saying about how fantastic Suckylaptops Inc. is because it's the brand you have, you might cause some poor guy to buy a suckylaptop 51 and die in a horrible laptop battery explosion.

I'd like it if you'd include in your experience (Not getting dictatorship-ey, just want to keep the thread clean):

Type of laptop you got.
NOTICE: Laptop SELLERS (e.g Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer) use different manufacturers for different types of laptops. So, for example, an Acer Aspire One is built by one manufacturer while some Acer gaming laptop might be built by another of far less (or more) quality. So, the type is relevant.

Not your friend's or brother's experience unless you know for a fact they are as real as yours, please.
Not just are these almost always a way of blabbering nonsense without real consequence, you nevert know when your friend was either lying or just being a moron.

How long it stayed working like new.
Did it die? Did it explode? Is it still working like the day you bought it? Did it turn into a robot spider and attack you?

Let's have some fun.

Here's my experience with ACER:
I got an Acer Aspire One 10.1". It worked fine for a while. Fast enough, great for collegey stuff. However, big videos always played slowly, the windows was awful (Ubuntu installed), and anything made in Macromedia Flash bogged it down. I had to install a flash-block plugin to browse popular websites because the flash-loaded ads made the sites unbearably slow.
Those problems were permanent. I had it for almost two years and it worked consistently, like new (Even though the "new" wasn't very good).
It's durable...
...on one side. I dropped it ten feet and it landed on one side. Great. That one side could involve a nuclear explosion. However, a quick slip caused it to land it's right side on a carpet from around 1 foot. The fall wasn't enough to break the most fragile wine glass, but it hit the monitor wrong and caused the monitor to go nuts, costing over $120 to fix.
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  1. http://www.squaretrade.com/htm/pdf/SquareTrade_laptop_reliability_1109.pdf
    Don't use laptops but i repair them.
    This link is pretty much dead on from what i've seen come in for repair.
    HP's uggh!
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