Dell U2311H awful for gaming?

So a year ago I bought a Dell U2311H monitor which I was told was great for gaming (and mostly for it's color range). I've heard people complain about input lag with this monitor but I've never noticed any.

What I HAVE noticed though is that it's near impossible to see anything dark on this monitor during the day. Even with the brightness cranked up. It makes very dark games (like diablo 3) almost impossible to play unless my room is pitch black. I swear it's the anti-glare screen that's actually causing this problem.

When comparing it to my old Dell WFP2007 monitor, the colors on the WFP2007 don't look as good, but the darks look much darker and colors seem to glow rather than look flat.

I noticed that Dell came out with the U2312HM that has an LED backlight and I'm wondering if that fixes the problem? Or if anyone has any 23-24'' monitors in the $200-300 price range that are better I'd love to know! Thank you very much for reading

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  1. I don't know a thing about the U2311H to be honest, but if it's CCFL (fluorescent) back-lit then you have the possibility of the backlight either going dim or malfunctioning. A quick google search reveals that it could be due to calibration, but for the most part it doesn't seem to be a common issue. Have you tried increasing the brightness in game? Many games allow you to increase the brightness under video settings, and you can tweak some of the same settings under your graphics card control panel.
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