Per-application sound device / sound card setting?

[window 7 ultimate]

normally i only have 1 sound card/sound device in sound settings
when i use hdmi with my tv, i have 2 sound devices in there, and i can choose 1 one of them as default, and ALL applications i run will play sound on that default device,
so i choose hdmi (my tv) as default, open chrome for my mom watch movies, sound play on my tv (hdmi), that's what i want
and i open firefox, go to youtube, sound also play on my tv (hdmi), that's not what i want, i want it (firefox) to play sound on my pc, so my mom can watch movies on tv, and i can watch youtube on pc

is there a way to do this? a way to set per-application sound card/sound device setting? i know some programs like windows media player or vlc can let you choose sound card, but firefox, chrome do not. i tried indievolume and it did not work, even uninstalled, reinstalled but did not work,
or is there any browser that let me choose sound card setting (like wmp and vlc, but these 2 are not browser)

and does anyone know if mac or windows 8 has this feature as built-in? if windows 8 does then i might upgrade

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  1. LEGAL 7 Ultimate ?
  2. It will only work if the application supports it. If not, the audio just goes to the default audio device.

    Get a cheap computer/laptop or media player to hook up to the TV. A $100 laptop, even with a dead screen can handle movie playback, and many many media players are under $100, even a web enabled DVD/BlueRay player will work or Netflix and Hulu.
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