T-Bird 266FSB on KT133?

Just ordered myself the T-Bird 1.333GHz, and I'm gonna try to run in off my A7V (not the one with new KT133A chipset). I've noticed nobody has yet posted anything about this combination. I'd post my results tonight when I get the chip. Whoever else is also trying out this combination, pls contribute... and let's find out what a 266FSB processor can do on a KT133 chipset (ie. do we really need KT133A?)

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  1. Well, your 266FSB CPU will be forced to run at 200FSB. But if your multiplier is locked, it'll still try to run at 10x133=1333 and you might end up with 10x100=1000. I can't say for sure that'll happen but you might want to find the instructions for unlocking the multiplier. You might have to manually set 13x100=1300 or 13.5x100=1350 assuming the A7V even has those settings. Good luck, I'll be interested to hear the results.
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