System won't boot, need help from experts.

hi experts,

My machine is running into big trouble now. About 4 days ago, I took my cpu out and used a pen to connect one of the open bridges on the processor (The L7 one) in an attempt to raise the vcore voltage. But after I did that, and put the cpu in, the machine won't boot anymore.

I suspect that either my motherboard, cpu or AGP card wasdamaged. When I power on the computer, all fans are working, but the LED indicator on the floppy never lit. The hard drive spins only for a while before it stops. Ther is nothing show up on the monitor. The reset button and the power button are not working once the power is on. The only way to turn off the computer is by using the power switch on the back of the cpu tower. I put in a new cpu, and everything remains the same.

I have some questions:

1) If my cpu was damaged, when I put it into the cpu socket, will it damage or short circuit part of my motherboard and made the motherboard unusable?

2) Assume that what I said at (1) is true, what would happen if I inserted a new cpu in the bad motherboard, will my new cpu get damaged also?
3) In my situation, which component is mostly to be the bad one, cpu, motherboard or graphic card?


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  1. your cpu is dead(rip AMD), your mainboard most likely survived, mb's are not as gay/fragile as a AMD cpu.

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  2. Well, I don't know. I got my brand new cpu yesterday and I took extreme care when I install the cpu, but the system still won't boot. Could it be the graphic card? cus' I accidently touch graphic card when I remove the cpu. I tried two monitors, a samsung and a sony. On the sony monitor, I see the message "YOU ARE IN POWER SAVE MODE".
    I can't believe that I damaged my new cpu again...

    Your really going into a Core Meltdown Lately man.

    As for his CPU, I Highly doube that it is Damaged.

    Set it back to what it was and clean off the L7 bridges
    See what happens.

    Don't even listen to Meltdown, anything that comes out of his mouth is Negativity. He hates you becuase you have an AMD chip. remember that.

    Wait a few hours and you will have lots of replies from helpful intel and AMD people on here on what to do.

    Dont take any advice from AMD METLDOWN or FUGGER

    -- They have found a way to harness the power of a thunderstorm and expell it with great force!--
  4. make sure all of your cables

    IDE cables
    Power cables
    and LED Cables are in the board PROPERLY

    Take out your Cards and put them back in..

    Also as i said eariler

    Set the processor back to what it was.
    Its probably not done right.

    -- They have found a way to harness the power of a thunderstorm and expell it with great force!--
  5. The reset button should work regardless, of the system state. It is hard wired. So, I think something might have happened to the psu (Power Supply unit).

    Try using a psu from another computer if you have access to one.

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  6. holygrenade, I think you maybe right. My power supply unit may have problem. The reset, power on/off button not always work. Especially the power button, but we know that the power to the button goes through the motherboard, will the motherboard have any effect on it? Also, this still doesn't answer the question why my system does't boot. Its a pity that I have only one AMD machine at home, and my old pentium pc dosn't accept my AGP card. Otherwise, I may have swapped the components between the two machines to find out where the problem is.
  7. It could be that, The motherboard is not getting the right amount of power. The power button does go through the motherboard, and yes this is kind of complicated as it is also open to software control. but after all it does end up in the power supply, and if that is faulty, the mobo cannot do anything to help.

    I'm afraid the only way is to try another psu.

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  8. man, i am dying. Decided to never build any computer by myself anymore. Too much trouble!
  9. It is hard to say what went wrong. It was fine for the past two months.
  10. Check all your conenctors first...
    You can try the power suply by removing as many stuff from your pc as possible: exchange your agp card for an old pci card, remove harddrive, soundcard etc.
    If you remove anything exept a mboard, videocard, RAM and processor and if it still doesn't work it has to be one of those or your power supply... Try them in other systems (power supply and vcard).
  11. I tried everything. removing all components and rebuild the system from the beginning. With only m/b, videocard, cpu, and ram, it still doesn't work. I tried my old PCI graphic card, doesn't work either. I am going to take it to a repair shop tomorrow, hope they can fix it. This is gonna to be expensive, I think they may charge me at least $200.00 for this.
  12. Hey galam, one question you haven't answered yet. Did you erase your mark on the L7 bridge of the first cpu?
  13. Thanks guys. I took my pc to a computer repairs shop, and they fix the problem. They told me that some of the connections I made were not correct. That's weird because I examined all the connections after I got home, but I didn't see any difference from what I did. Anway, I am pretty happy now. At least it is working like a week ago. They charged me $32.00, and I think this is a fair price.
  14. The totally recast option should work regardless, of the program condition. It is difficult wired. So, I think something might have occurred to the psu (Power Provide unit).
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