Amilo keyboard connectors compatible between models?

I have an Amilo Pi series laptop with a partially broken keyboard. The enter key and a few others don't work. I need to enter a bios password.

I have a broken Amilo Pro V series laptop where I could dislodge the keyboard and connect it to the Pi laptop so that I could enter the bios password - if the connectors are compatible and the keyboard would physically work across model lines. And if that works, I'll know that a new keyboard would work, and could buy a new one.

But I'm loathe to do this unless I know it won't damage the Pi laptop.
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  1. It's very unlikely that you'd damage the electronics of a laptop by fitting a new keyboard -- but you may cause physical damage dismantling either of the laptops -- the keyboard cables and connectors are pretty fragile, for example.

    Also there's no guarantee it'll work because brands of laptop most often are actually made by one of the big OEM manufacturers and just badged by resellers. So one model in a range may have been sourced from a different maker than another in the same range. You'll have to judge that on the appearance and design detail of the two models you have.
  2. I called a guy here who sells used computers. He said it won't work unless it's a compatible keyboard by part number. Because even if the cable looks the same, the innards are different.

    I asked specifically if he'd tried it, and he said yes. But I'd still like to verify if his answer is correct. I don't necessarily believe he's telling the truth, since he's in the business of selling computers and parts of computers.
  3. You could try plugging in a USB keyboard (or a PS2 keyboard if the laptop has a PS2 port).

    Almost all laptops will support an external keyboard during POST (so if the laptop is docked, you can still enter setup, choose a boot device, etc)
  4. Tried it, didn't work. Actually, it was the first thing I tried, way before I posted here.
  5. For record, as this post is quite old:

    I've had the same problem on an Amilo pi3525, after four years of trouble-free service: keys Return, e, r etc. suddenly not working. At other times, another group of keys (del, esc etc). Or all working without warning.

    My problem lied in the keyboard connector: I believe that due to overheating, the heat expansion made the connection faulty.

    Fujitsu-Siemens are very good designs, in the sense that everything can be dismounted with screwdrivers and accessed easily without the need to remove any glue/seals etc. I removed few keys to access keyboard screws, unmounted the keyboard and cleaned the connector.

    Also dismounted the fan from the back, cleaned the fan and cooling sink (clogged by a half-cm of dust in the fins), put some thermal paste where needed: now I can barely hear the fan working.
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