Dual PIII 1Ghz vs PIV 1.5Ghz or K7 1.33Ghz

Im about to purchase parts for a new machine. Im very confused on what to get. I was thinking about getting a

Abit VP-6 Motherboard w/ two 1Ghz PIII's and SuperORB Coolers.
Two 75 Gig IBM GXP 7200 Rpms 8.5ms hard drives run in RAID-1 configuration.
512 Meg of Corsair CAS2 150Mhz Memory (I know Ill only get about 145Mhz OC'd if Im lucky).
GeForce3 Video Card (Yes I know it’s not out, Im waiting for it also).

I can do this machine for about 2k with all the other extras (cdrom, sound, etc..). But lets leave price out of the picture though. The only thing Im not sure about is the CPUs. What will get me the best performance for what I do? Let’s also leave server configurations out of this.

I know the PIII dual config can only be run in NT/2000. Im ok with that. Ive found most of the newer games to run under 2000. I know the game or applications must be also written to take advantage of dual cpus which most aren’t or at least efficiently. I think this is an important point if you’re looking for the combined speed of both cpus in one particular game or application. Im not shooting for that. I want the dual cpus to increase my performance when it comes to the multitasking which I do much of. Heres where I want my performance. I want to be able to simultaneously do these things.

- I want to be able to copy a 700 meg file to my server
- run 1 session of frontpage
- run 1 session of word
- run 1 session of excel
- run 1 session of mirc
- run 3 or 4 sessions IE5.5
- run 1 or 2 sessions of pcanywhere10
- run 2 or 3 sessions of flashfxp
- run 1 session of winamp
- and be able to jump into a game of undying without suffering a noticeable performance loss.

That’s about a normal windows session for me give or take a few apps. Am I asking for too much? Do you think this is the best hardware configuration for what I want to do? Or should I buy a 1.5Ghz PIV, a K7 1.33Ghz or wait for a dual K7 solution which I hear isn’t too far away? Reasons why I lean more towards the dual PIII solution are:

- PIV GOOD: Only small advantage I see is it can take advantage of the new GeForce3 api instruction set better than any other processor. It’s just a little faster than it older processors.

- PIV BAD: I haven’t read anything special about the PIV. It sounds like an Intel flop (Like the PPro).

- K7 GOOD: I am aware of the K7's high points, such as its 266Mhz FSB, ability to take advantage of DDR Ram and its and easy ability to be over clocked with pretty good stability. The chip sounds pretty good and I may give it a chance if there is a smp solution out by the time the GeForce3 is out.

- K7 BAD: Im simply just biased towards AMD. Ive had many problems with many machines in the past with AMD. I know that there aren’t really any issues with the new K7 processor but the K6 simply left a bad taste in my mouth. I also don’t like that I can’t smp with K7s. All that speed wont do me jack if IE hangs due to some bad java applet and I have to wait a few mins till I can kill the process.

Ok Im sorry for ranting on like this, but Ive spent some time researching it and I still can’t find a definitive answer. If anyone could add their advice or opinion please do. I need some unbiased info about getting the best performance I can from the technology that’s available today.
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  1. I know that you said ignore price but...
    - P4 BAD: 512Mb of Rambus!!!!(££££££££££)

    For your needs i think that a dual athlon based system would be best.
    I would wait a few months after the first dual athlon systems are released, this way all teething problems are ironed out.
  2. please don't listen to the AMD pups who will have you wait a year or more, when you can have dual goodness right now!

    do yourself a favor go for the dual P3 solution, you will be happy while burning a cdrom and playing an mp3 and d'ling a massive file all at the same time.

    but then again you can wait 'til next summer or eternity for a Hahathon based dual system and by that time a dual P3 sys will be much more cheaper.

    also note *ntel will lower prices with the release of the 1.7Mhz Pee4.

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  3. You'll certainly benefit in price/performance terms whatever dual system you go for. I'm a self-confessed AMD pup, but at the moment, if you want a system, buy a dual P3 1GHz.

    The AMD 760MP will be out soon (although both Intel & AMD are guilty of slipping with shipping dates), and will offer excellent performance. Depending on where you look, it's often possible to buy two T-bird's @ 1.2GHz for the price of a 1.5GHz p4. Without the overheads of RAMBUS, this works out even better.

    AMD's dual systems will almost certainly be superior than Intel's. P3's use the nasty GTK+ bus which gives at maximum about 60% performance increase with a second processor. AMD, however, license the Alpha EV6 bus for the Athlon, designed specifically for SMP, rather than an 'add-on'. If AMD's 760MP is anything like as good as Alpha systems, you should see 100% more in a suitably coded program.

    ~ I'm not AMD biased, I just think their chips are better. ~
  4. Verteron is offering sound advice. Wait for a few more posts to help you make up your mind.

    Ignore any advice you may see from AMDMeltDown. He cannot see beyond his personal bias, and will push you towards Intel even if it is the wrong decision.

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  5. The dual PIII 1GHz is a great solution right now, but I would start looking around for a dual PIII motherboard that supports 133MHz FSB using the old BX chipset, becuase it is more stable and has better compatability than the VIA chipsets.

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  6. That kind of MB doesn't exist... BX only has 2/3 AGP divider, so if you crank it up at 133Mhz, the AGP would have to deal with 89Mhz.. out of spec.
    While most recent cards will do OK with this, I would stay away from BX133 solution if stability is priority.

    To answer Kill the Wabbit's question, I would go with dual p3 1ghz. The best MB for Intel dual setup is the OR840 from Intel, but It only takes RDRAM...
    There's a dual P3 MB out from ASUS.. You might want to check it out..
  7. "Abit VP-6 Motherboard w/ two 1Ghz PIII's and SuperORB Coolers.
    Two 75 Gig IBM GXP 7200 Rpms 8.5ms hard drives run in RAID-1 configuration.
    512 Meg of Corsair CAS2 150Mhz Memory (I know Ill only get about 145Mhz OC'd if Im lucky).
    GeForce3 Video Card (Yes I know it’s not out, Im waiting for it also)."

    I find it kind of funny that you are considering yourself lucky to be able to overclock your memory to 145 mhz especially using 1ghz p3's. I would consider you lucky if you are able to overclock your front side bus to 105 Mhz(for 100 mhz proc.) and 135mhz(for 133 processor) without blowing up your 1GHZ p3s. The memory clock speed is definitely not the bottleneck, its your choice in processors.

    So if you are sticking with gorilla chips @ 1GHZ, I suggest you save yourself some money and buy cheap pc 100/133 memory. You won't be able to overclock the 1GHZ p3s by much if anything.

    Nice setup, although I would change the MOBO and processors being used. To each his own.
  8. moron he never said anything about Dual Athlon, LOL!!!!! LOOK AT THE MORON HAHAHHAHA

    "All alone in his own little world"
  9. Why the raid-1? I personally love Raid-0! Buy a tape backup if you are afraid to lose stuff. Raid 1 sucks. It is slow and only helps if your hard drive dies, get a virus or corrupt w2k hah both drives got it. Go raid 0 pick up on some speed.

    Duals would be nice but how many programs really benefit from it. I run many many programs at once and burn cd's while playing Team Arena with no slow downs Tbird 1Ghz 512MB Ram Geforce 2 Promise FastTrakk 100 3 Maxtor 20 GB ATA 100 7200rpm Raid 0

    But you have to decide what your budget is and what you plan on doing. AMD and Intel both have great products out (excluding the p4) NOW! AMD has not always been great (they use to suck).

    Do what you like with the processor and motherboard but for god sakes man go raid 0.
  10. OK, punk, WE ALL KNOW THAT 133MHZ=89MHZ AGP WITH THE BX! Most of us also know that a few BX motherboards that support dual CPU's also support overclocking the bus (Asus P2B-D, for example). What I don't know and what these manufacturers will not say is which settings BIOS will allow for bus speeds, only what is available by jumper.
    Most of us also know that even the 1000E (the odd one with 100MHz bus speed) will outperform the 840 solution with the regular 1000EB (133 bus) in many applications because of the lower latency of SDRAM.

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  11. He ought to get AT LEAST 145MHZ out of it! That's only 1087.5! These processors are well known to do over 1100!

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  12. onipion brought up a good point I wasnt thinking about. If I do purchase Intel 1Ghz processors Im not going to really be able to oc the fsb much. I would probably be better off going with slower/cheaper processors (800Mhz) that I can oc to around 1ghz and get around 145mhz on my fsb so the system can also take more advantage of pc150 memory.
    Ive also been getting feedback from more and more people saying I should wait for Tyan to release there new 760MP mobo. I starting to think this is really what I should do.
  13. "Most of us also know that even the 1000E (the odd one with 100MHz bus speed) will outperform the 840 solution with the regular 1000EB (133 bus) in many applications because of the lower latency of SDRAM."

    I don't think so. In most cases, 1000EB+i840 solution would outperform 1000E with BX..
    BX133 in many cases does out perform i820 and i840, but BX at 100 Mhz FSB and i840 at 133Mhz? No match..
  14. Try running your single CPU system under W2K. Boot up task manager and go to the performance tab and keep your CPU graphs on top. You might find that you never use more than 70% of available CPU throughput even while running all your apps. Unless your always flat lining at 100% don't waste your money. If you do go 2 CPU's make sure you get a card that has reliable multi-threaded drivers. Check out www.2cpu.com for more info. Good Luck!!
  15. Let's not forget the Acorp 6A815ED which is a dual i815e board.

    Chipset: Intel 82815e
    FSB: 133/100/66 MHz
    CPU Support: PII/PIII/Celeron/FC-PGA 233~1000Mhz
    Voltage Regulator: VRM 8.4 (Auto Detect)
    Bus CLK: 66/75/83/100/103/105/110/115/117/120/133/140/150
    Bus Architecture: 5 x 32bit PCI, 1 x CNR
    System Memory: DIMM x 3
    IDE: RAID 0+1, supports up to 8 devices
    VGA: Built-in enhanced 2D/3D graphics
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