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I already posted this in the memory forum, but...

I'm planning on buying a new AMD system with essentially the "best" components. Athlon-C 1.3GHz, Crucial PC2100 DDR SDRAM, MSI K7T266... however, I am now questioning my decision. I read something (I forget where I read this...) about how PC2700 DDR SDRAM is on its way, and the Palomino isn't too far away. Well, I still want a new system SOON. So, I ask for some insight. Should I go ahead and go all out for the current best components? Or should I go with the cheaper Athlon-B, PC133 SDRAM, and then do a massive upgrade later on (change mobo, procesor, and ram)? I really need a new computer soon, and I need it to be pretty damn good, but i don't want to find out that had I waited a few months, components that perform significantly better could have been mine. PLEASE HELP!
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  1. isn´t this always the case, you can always find components a couple of months after that perform better at the same price?
  2. IMHO, it's futile to try and keep up with the cutting edge. You can build a totally phat computer with components that are one or two notches below the top, and you'll save *lots* of cash! My advice is to build a 1Ghz PC133 system, and maybe build your Palomino9000 when it becomes too slow for you.

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  3. There's really no point waiting. I've bought a huge number of systems over the years (i work in IT) and have seen one after another pail into insignificance after new releases. There was a time when the Pentium 60 was a fast chip.

    OK, so you've got PC2700, but after that there's the P4 Northwood (and associated price drops), the new P3, Mustangs, Palominos, and then Hammer round the corner. There's always that new "exciting" release just around the corner, but you won't even be able to consider it if you haven't joined the bandwagon.

    I bought ten 800MHz T-Birds just before the debut of the P4 and Athlon DDR. Amazingly, these systems are still worth about 90% of their purchase value. Don't always be fooled into thinking that your hardware will be worthless, even in the face of new technologies. Just find the best deal possible!!!!!

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  4. Yeah, I'm finally convincing myself that there's no way to really win in trying to get the latest and greatest. I think I might just go with the DDR system since the price different doesn't seem to be that huge compared to a PC133 system. But I'm just wondering... you guys think it's wise to wait for Micron's CAS 2 PC2100 DDR SDRAM, or just go with their CAS 2.5? Would the price go up for CAS 2?
  5. I do not think the price difference between the 2 would be huge, and the performance gain would probably noticeable in intensive benchmarking programs, so I think you could be better off using CAS2. The savings you get for getting CAS 2.5 isn't huge anyway.

    By the way when I got Athlon Classic 750MHz it was the envy of my peers. Even now 750MHz still remains a fast processor category. Many of my friends are still in 400-600MHz range. I would doubt that I need anymore faster processor for now, since I can run virtually anything I throw to my rig. Since you wouldn't get much speed premium getting a 1.3GHz over 1.2GHz BUT the price is so huge, I would advice you to get 1.2GHz. It's just no point getting 'the greatest' since that would last only about a month. Save the money for later use.

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  6. How rich are you?!

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