Which monitor should I buy? (S-IPS vs. PLS)

Hey All!

I am in need of some tips, as I am torn between what monitor I should choose.

I would appreciate any and all advice :)

I am looking to get a new monitor, A 2560x1440 27" display.

Here is what I plan to do and my graphics card:
-Browsing web
-Video editing

Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 690 (hell yea :sol:)

I have currently narrowed down to 2 choices:

The new ASUS PB278q which uses a PLS display. (releases October 8th)


A perfect pixel Catleap Q270 - Korean monitors sold on ebay that use "A- S-IPS panels, the same ones in the Apple Thunderbolt display, just the A- version"

Don't call me crazy, I have done my research and understand the Catleap isn't exactly the safest buy, although significantly cheaper than the PB278q.

Which one should I get? What display is better, PLS or S-IPS?

Before responding:

When responding to my question, please do not consider prices, warranties, etc...just straight up what display is better, because that is what I am looking for :D

I appreciate all responses and free information :D

Thanks everyone!
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  1. From what I've heard, the recent PLS displays have been somewhat mediocre, all of the drawbacks of MVA and TN panels with none of the benefits. The only PLS monitor on Newegg right now has some rather terrible reviews.

    I would go with the S-IPS display.
  2. I would go with S-IPS. PLS is a new technology and it is too soon to say if it will live long enough to mature to the point where the weakness can be resolved.
  3. Don't forget HP's relatively cheap 2560x1440 option:

  4. So everyone suggests a IPS monitor is waaaay better? Jeez now I am mixed again...
  5. I'd Like to find out what's answer to which is a good choice for fast FPS gaming.
    Contemplating getting a IPS panel
  6. treestompz said:
    So everyone suggests a IPS monitor is waaaay better? Jeez now I am mixed again...

    Like jaguarskx said, PLS is new. IPS is tried and true - you can't go wrong with it. The only downside is expense, but the catleap fixes that problem (I'm sure you know it's cheap because the stand is wretched and it's basically feature-less - but the panel is great).
  7. gunfighter zeck said:
    I'd Like to find out what's answer to which is a good choice for fast FPS gaming.
    Contemplating getting a IPS panel

    For fast FPS gaming you want neither, you want a standard TN panel, preferably 120Hz. For everything else you want an IPS or MVA/PVA panel.
  8. I hate to disagree with some other posts here, but I prefer PLS, at least for programming. I have a Samsung S24A850DW (1920x1200) which is on the expensive side, around $450 when I bought a year ago, and it had a electronics problem and had to go back to the shop. I needed a backup so, I bought a mid $200 IPS replacement (1920x1080) to hold me over until I got the A850 back. The IPS have a dirty look to them, kind of a sparkle to the screen when viewing text on a white background. Same reason I had returned the two Dell U2410s I had bought a couple of years, the IPS technology has not changed.

    I prefer PLS the screen is much easier to look at, at least while prgoramming. I can't make any statement about gaming on them, other than I am sure the IPS dirty, sparkly look is probably not an issue. The best way I can describe the A850 is it has a look that is similar to TN displays, but a little more vibrant and clean looking. Screen is very uniform, although when I purchased there were some yield problems and I had to return one monitor to get the one I currently have. I can look at the PLS screen a long time, very easy on the eyes compared to IPS, which seems to fatigue my eyes earlier.
  9. @TGLM

    the dirty or sparkly look has nothing to do with ips panel technology and more to do with the screen finish.

    anti-glare coatings are normally the culprit. i've heard them described in many ways ranging from looking through sand to sparkly as you just mentioned.

    gloss finishes make colors pop and appear more vibrant but introduce quite a bit of glare from ambient lighting.

    matte finishes have neither the sparkle issue of anti-glare coatings nor the glare issue of gloss however colors will appear more subdued than gloss but about equal to anti-glare.

    i hope this clarifies things a bit.
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