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I recently setup new AMD 1.333Mhz CPU in ASUS A7A266 Motherboard. and According to ASUS Probe program my cpu temperature is at 120F most of times... I install Super Orb by ThermalTaker... and was wondering Do i need a better CPU heat sink.. and if i do, is it safe to replace it and how do i remove the thermal compound that i place on cpu.. or I dont need to remove it??

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  1. that's 48C, which i think is a little on the warm side but nothing that will damage your cpu. the colder the better though for an extended life. is that at a full load, after a day or two, right after boot...?

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  2. 120F/49C is after day or two use... when i boot up it's at around 107F...

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  3. Your temperatures are fine. Under 50C is nothing to worry about, especially at 1.33Ghz. Leave it alone.

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