Gday all, I have an ASUS A7V133 and im running Asus Probe 2.09 on it, on average im getting 57 degress C, which is damn high (im using a FOP32 on it) but using sisoft to check the temp it only reports about 47 C, the same with motherboard monitor 4.18. Is anyone else gettin wierd temp readings with their ASUS or is it just me?



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  1. Try the 'Search Boards' feature of the site, there's lots of posts about Asus Probe. The short version is it reads high but some argue this is because Asus is compensating for placing the thermal sensor further from the CPU. I think the 47C you're getting from sisoft and motherboard monitor is higher than what others have mentioned getting with a FOP32 but you'll have to do the research.
  2. try upgrading to Probe version 2.11 .This seems to be a common problem with asus probe,different versions work better on different motherboards.

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  3. Subtract 10-12C from Probe to get the temperature at the top of your cpu.
  4. I'm having that same problem (I hope, because that would mean I'm at 31°C...)

    I have a Swiftech MC370-OA cooler on my cpu, and according to the reviews, it should be at 35°C. Asus Probe 2.12.07 is reporting that right now that I'm at 41°C (earlier this afternoon, it was at 45°C, probably because it was a bit hotter and now it's freezing! j/k)

    At first, Asus Probe (and MBM 5) was reporting 48-49°C. So, I got two 80mm fans: one intake at the front-bottom of the inside where there's this black thingy, I took it out, stuck it in there to intake air, and closed it up. The other went into a designated area for a 80mm fan on the back panel. I flipped the fan so it would exhaust air. Now, it's at 41°C. If the reading is 10° higher, then that would mean I'm really at 31° right now... :cool:

    Well, I hope someone provides a link to where the statistic (or whatever you wanna call it) that the temperature is 10° too high.
  5. wow...

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
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