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So this Sunday, 9/30, I bought a Acer minotor.
It was on sale at BestBuy for 169.99$. Comes with two HDMI and one VGA. No internal speakers. I figured, I'll just just my Turtle Beach to play games meanwhile and I'll eventually get a small pair of speakers.

I have my computer plugged in via HDMI and use headphones and the extra HDMI, I'll use my blu-ray player but wait a minute, how am I suppose to get audio? The monitor doesn't have a green audio port. and the blu-ray sure as hell doesn't have a green port. I know HDMI transfers audio and video but how am I suppose to use a blu-ray player?

Return it and get one with speakers?
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  1. You can get a break-out box that will split the HDMI audio into a regular audio cable.

    Although it may be much easier to just get a TV or Monitor with speakers. Or see if the blue ray player has an audio out, which is should.
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