I need new printer, please help :)

Hello guys,
I haven't been looking for printers since years but my good old iP3600 starts acting strange since 2 weeks.
Perhaps it is just better to buy a new printer instead of repairing my old printer...I do not even remember when I bought it...

The problem is...I do not know which one I should get

-Most important-
I need a colour printer which can start directly without doing cleaning and stuffs, which make me wait for minutes before I can start printing.

-If possible-
Cheap ink is also preferable but not essential...I do not print that much...perhaps only max 100 pages per week.
I will be printing mainly black and white but I need also decent colour printing quality...photo quality is not needed...
I would like to have separated ink/laser toner/catridges for each colours.

-Not important-
WLAN connection is not a must but it does not hurt if it has it :)

hmmm...my price range will be between €80 to €200 (about US $100 - $240)
I really do not care if it is laser or ink :)

-Special request-
Nothing from Samsung please...I had bad experiences with their laser printers and lowsy customer support...

I really do not have the slightest idea at the moment which one I should get.
Please help me with this on and many many thanks in advance
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  1. hmmm... no idea?
    Anyone? Please?
  2. bummer!
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