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ASUS UX50V Battery won't charge!

Hello, My ASUS UX50V Laptop battery keeps dying and won't charge at first I thought it was a bad battery but then I went and bought a new one and it did the same thing twice any help as to what the problem may be why its not charging the battery???
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  1. A couple things might cause the issue. Are you using the original AC adapter that came with the laptop, or are you using a universal replacement adapter (like a Targus, Energizer, etc) ? Some universals don't provide the right voltage or enough current to charge the battery. Sometimes you will notice with these that the battery will charge when the laptop is off, but not while on. Or sometimes a bad / faulty AC adapter can cause a laptop to not charge (if it's outputting the wrong voltage, or not enough current)

    The other thing that comes to mind is a bad DC-DC converter / charging circuit on the motherboard. It's not TOO common, but we see a couple a month come through my shop with it (not necessarily your brand, just in general)
  2. I think it might be the DC-Converter as the AC adapter is the original that came with the Laptop how can i change the converter and how much ill it cost??
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    That laptop, I believe it's built into the motherboard. There is a seperate board that comes off the motherboard that connects to the battery, but do not mistake that for having anything to do with the DC-DC circuitry. It's just serving to connect the battery to the motherboard (and i believe that daughterboard also has your CMOS battery, your card reader, and a USB port).

    One thing that I just remembered (that might not apply to your particular problem) is that I saw a few Thinkpads back in the day that you had to clear their CMOS settings by pulling the battery to get them to charge a battery. I dont know why, and it probably doesn't apply to your case, but it never hurts to try.

    But if all else fails, and your're sure your adapter is good, hit up eBay for a board.
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