Help!! Broken heatsink holder on socket!

I was taking off the fan/heatsink from my AMD Althlon Thunderbird Socket A system and the one of the plastic holdesr on the side of the CPU socket broke. What do I do now? The motherboard is a SOYO K7VTA board and there are two sets of heatsink holders, one for the standard brackets and another for a different set of brackets. The standard has one plastic nub or holder on the left side and one plastic holder on the right side, both right in the middle of the side (for standard CPU mounting brackets). The plastic nub on the right side of the socket broke off completely. However, there is still one set of plastic nubs or holders left. However, I have never seen a heatsink/fan which uses those holders. One plastic nub is on the bottom left and the other is on the upper right. Does anyone know where I can get a fan which uses these alternative plastic holders? I imagine it is probably for a foreign heatsink/fan probably only found in Asia.
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  1. just make a new clip

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  2. return the fragile pos to the ppl who stole your money and demand a refund!

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  3. Obviously AmdMeltdown has never seen a socket A, as he obviously doesn't realise they're the same part as the Intel socket 370. The only reason AMD must use this design is Intel's stranglehold on the industry...

    I reply to Grizely1 to 'talk around' AmdMeltdown :)

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  4. dude, I f**k with AMD sh!t everyday + the stupid kids that buy into that joke.

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  5. <i>"I f**k with AMD sh!t"</i>

    Thats not very healthy. No wonder you don't like AMD. They're much better used as computer parts, than sexual aids/toys. You should get a girlfriend. They're much better to f**k. You know some people around here claim that AMD gets you chicks.

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  6. ROFLMAO!!

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  7. AMDMeltDown, I am very happy with the Athlon processor and if you read my post you would have come to the realization that the processor was not the problem. It was the small little plastic notch which broke, not the chip. In fact, I am typing this letter using the processor right now, with three five-pound weights to hold the heatsink to the processor. Now when I can find a heatsink which will attach to the alternative plastic nubs still on my socket, I would be happy to show you my system's benchmarks to prove that the AMD Athlon Processor is superior to a P3 at the same Mhz. Until then, I would appreciate anyone's help who can help me find a heatsink/fan which will attach to the two plastic nubs, one near the bottom right of the socket, and the other on the top left of the socket. I need a fan which uses these plastic mounting nubs. Please help me find one.
  8. Do the research and find a cooler that uses all the tabs instead of just the one in the middle. I have used these in the past, sorry don't remember which one, and they work good.

    Check out my rig:
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  9. Hmm Tom mentioned an Alpha HSF with three-hole clips in his latest socket A HSF review. It doesn't cool all that well, but perhaps if you put a different fan on it...or just took the clip off and used it on the other HSF...?

    You could also consider getting some stiff wire and creating a torsion clip of your own. Some HSFs still use this. Anyone have any idea what grade wire that sort of thing takes?

    Oh, and I see AmdMeltdown still has his foot in his mouth. Small world indeed....

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  10. Check around the socket area and see if there are four hole's. If they are their, Swiftec sells the MC462 that will bolt to them. It's kind of expensive but less than a new motherboard. sell them and Gary will be able to let you know if it will work for you. Good Luck

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  11. did i mention Athlon processor? why do you associate pos + fragile with AMD?

    I said return the cheap mainboard and get your money back!

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  12. Welcome to the "kicking myself in the ass" club! As far as I know, me and you are the only two members, but it's nothing to be proud of I think. I too broke a lug off the socket on my Asus a7m266. Man, I was really sweating it too. I had tied my old hsf on with some 100lb test and a few screws to draw tension...

    Right now, you only have 3 options that I have seen, and trust me, I'm paying attention to this now. :)

    1 - The cooler that Tom reviewed that uses the outside lugs of the socket, the same one he said had crappy cooling and I don't think is on the market yet. Go here <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> for a look.

    2 - The Core hsf. It has the option to use the 4 screw holes that are present in every mb that uses a socket A. I personally wasn't too impressed with this one. My main problem is that every group that tested it (that I saw) got a pre-production model for free to test. A lot of companies give products to people to test with the understanding that the review is a good one. I can't prove this was the case, but it is commonplace now days. And at $80, it was the same price as the way I went.

    3 - The beautiful, kick-ass Swift Tech MC462... <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> I chose this and am very satisfied. Why not turn a frantic situation into a god one? Tom rates this as the most efficient cooler on the market. Word of warning: It didn't fit my mobo. But, as you are also, I was in a hard place and didn't have many options, so I modded it. I had to drill the corner off to get it to fit my Asus a7m266. It was really simple, no degree here to do it. I'm not familiar with your mobo, you most likely don't have the 'out of AMD spec' socket that I do, so you're probably ok. It is massive, now I have something to brag about!

    The world isn't over, turn this into something great. Those are your options. I had really good luck with the guys at , they really took care of me. Email them at and tell them some guy at Tomshardware forum that had the same problem recommended you to them. I told them I was telling the world about the great service they gave me, that will prove it to them. They can check your mobo and make sure the mc462 will fit for you. No exaggeration: I have received over 20 emails from them from before I purchased it, and from after. I am very pleased with the service they gave me.

    Those are your options. Feel free to email me if you need any help from the only other member of the club (thus far!~)

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  13. If you're handy, you will notice that there are four holes around the socket, two on either side. If can try a threaded bolt through the holes with a small, thin band of metal that can be threaded through the heatsink and then bolted to the threaded bolts, it might work (ALA Pentium 4 heatsinks)
  14. nylon threads and nuts would work best. this is what i did with the heatsink on my GeForce2 GTS.

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  15. I found that MC421 chip, it looks pretty good, but I it is too expensive, at $95. I would never get the money back unless I overclocked my chip, which I will probably do anyway. SOYO offered to replace the socket for free, covered by warrenty. I am starting to build up brand loyalty to SOYO. Here, I broke the socket, and they offer to fix it for free. You really can't beat that. Unfortunatually I would have to send my board in for repair. I found also found this cooler,, but I think the outside holders are set off from the inside holders too far. I will keep looking.
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