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My daughter dropped her acer aspire one she got for x mas and now the screen is damaged and black spots appeared on the screen. Will acer replace it if the store i purchased it from will not or can i replace just the monitor on an acer aspire one?
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  1. I doubt if the store or the manufacturer will replace accidental damage free but I would approach them for a solution unless you have experience of dismantling laptops. You can meanwhile use an external monitor, I'd guess, as it sounds like physical damage to the laptop screen, not a problem with the motherboard.
  2. If you bought it at say Best Buy or Future Shop and bought the extra warranty you might be able to get a replacement or the laptop fixed.
    There are very few laptops made that can take a drop other than some Dells and the Panasonic Toughbooks.
    You can probably get a new screen from acer but it'll probably cost almost as much as you paid for the whole
    Hope this helps...JQ
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