Hi everyone, i have borrowed a lg super multi GE20NU10 from a friend so that i can use the install cd for a hp photosmart 1218 printer to my computer, i have no cd for the lg and when i plug in the device it says that the device is not supported on windows 2000. I have windows xp.
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  1. oh and is there a download i can use to install lg rom?
  2. Have a look on LG's support site a driver. These days all external drives use USB and mostly these don't need a driver.

    So there may be some other problem -- possibly the real issue is that the device needs USB2 and your USB ports either don't support that or the chipset driver for it is not installed.
  3. would i be best buying a new cd rom so that i can install the hp photosmart printer? im not very computer savy, all i want to do is get the printer installed so i can start using it, not even sure if the printer is compatable with my nc10? its stressing me out big time!
  4. and the lg is with a usb cable but also plugged into a power source, dont htink lg even sell the model anymore
  5. Why not download the printer driver on your friend's computer and transfer it to a USB stick to install on yours ? USB stick is more useful than a drive.

    Cost of a new CD/DVD drive depends on what type of computer you have -- if it's desktop, installing a bare drive is pretty small, laptop and you're back with external drives which tend to cost twice as much.
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