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hey everybody,

i'm thinking of buying a new laptop. I'll be using it just for light study activities, watching movies and photo shop and so on. I won't be doing any extreme gaming or other heavy activities.
Which one should i choose, the Samsung sf 510 - S01NL or the Asus x52jc- ex127v.
As anyone can see from this message, I'm really don't know the first thing about computers... Any advice is welcome!!
greetz, Hidde
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  1. Got links to laptops?
  2. Are you looking at BestBuy or something?
  3. yes, I tryed Bestbuy and similar sites.. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me why I shouldn't buy one of these two. Otherwise I will buy the samsung, it looks more nice :)
  4. Asus-X52J series - potentially, the best option of the bunch. Rated 90% at Notebookcheck but I'm still missing the link to the actual site you're looking at to be sure.

    When I looked at the BestBuy website and check the specs on the $629 Samsung SF510-A01 I would have sworn they made a mistake listing the graphics as Intel GMA 4500HD. What is up with that? The i3=370 2.4GHz CPU package has a built-in integrated Intel HD Graphics chip which is better!!
    I saw the same error in a couple other sites and even the Samsung website didnt help clear that up.

    The independent reviews over all are good. c/Net Samsung SF510-A01 review. - Samsung SF510-A01 reviews @ Notebookcheck.
    It got a 'Best All Purpose Laptop' award from

    If you're looking for a better performance alternative at the same price - Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 $639
    It has an i5-480 2.66Ghz CPU & Geforce 310M graphics. Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 reviews
  5. Techmagnet, it helps if you read the content of the header and not just the title. Your post has nothing to do with the topic.
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