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I am interested in upgrading my Pentium 200/MMX to something a little faster. I found a couple of K6-III's on pricewatch and I read the story on this page from a few months back on the subject.

My question is, besides the chip, what else do I need to upgrade my system? I have an AOpen AP5T MoBo with with I think has a minimum core voltage of 2.5V. I'm not looking to try and play Quake III @ 60 fps, just get some more speed for my everyday computing.

Also, has some interesting upgrade options. Does anyone here know how good they are?
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  1. ram is one of the best things you can shove into it try and get atleast 128 megs or more
  2. they work very well. i have an older 200mhz in a packard bell 75mhz system. big imporvement. they also offer an AMD 400 mhz upgrade with the built in power regulator.
    also check to see how much memory your chipset can cache. Many older chipsets could not cache more than 128mb, so installing more would only slow the system down.

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  3. Well, if your mobo is a super socket 7, then u certainly could use and k6-2 or k6-3. I'd suggest a k6-2 (400mhz), because then you don't have to worry about the voltage and stuff. A speedier hardrive, more memory, and a kooler videocard like voodoo 3, should pretty much speed things up.

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