USB issue Windows7Ult64bit_HPxw4400

I cannot use the "newer" usb devices on pc HPXW4400 info here
After connecting the flashdrive (Kingston DataTravelerSE9 8GB) or writing tablets Genius G-Pen F610 although the OS appears, but does not find the driver on win update. Then, these devices are seen as unknown in the device manager (yellow triangle). I tried a different physical usb controller, with the same result. Other devices via usb (older flashdrives, cameras, external hdd) operate normally. On another pc (winxp) operate these new devices too. I tried to find an update for HP motherboard (type 0A68h, chipset i975x), without success. The problem is the timeliness of official support for HP, where the last update chipset is 6 years old ...
Does anyone have similar experiences with Windows7? Or what you can do in this situation? Return to XP is the last option.
thanks for the help
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  1. back to XP. HP is not going to waste their money and time on a pc that is out of support.
  2. yes just so I'll have to do
    thx for advice
  3. I use the XW4400 and have no issues with USB. Did you install the vista 64 bit drivers?
  4. Supermuncher85 said:
    I use the XW4400 and have no issues with USB. Did you install the vista 64 bit drivers?

    pls, which specifically drivers do you mean/where they are to download
    btw - not all usb devices are problematic as u can see upper, onle these new ones
    try to see here
  5. Obviously the display drivers are out of date, but my quadro card failed years ago and I've replaced it. But chances are newest drivers for them can be downloaded at Over the years the systems been heavily modified as parts have failed or driver support has ended. Example added extra raid card, replaced dvd burner, replaced GPU, replaced sound card (no driver support), added network cards, changed to SSD, replaced thermal paste etc. etc. etc.

    All other drivers are here:

    As for the 802XXX it looks like the Intel Matrix Storage Manager Setup Utility. I remember installing these directly from Intel because I was running my raptor drives in raid 0 prior to upgrading to an SSD.
  6. I'll also check on the machine itself what drivers I'm using but I'm having no issues with USB at all, and believe me I've used evey imaginable device on that. Negative scanners, usb drives from 10mb-32gb, USB3 harddrives, drives over 3gb.

    Have you used the windows 7 update function? It's pretty good at finding drivers you are misssing.
  7. I was pretty angry from this auto windows update, where many search results in the following message about the impossibility of finding driver ...
    Last chance to see really return to XP.
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