The Ultimate Debate: P4 vs athalon

P4 vs Athalon vs PIII vs Duron vs Celeron
which core makes the better keychai???
thats all i want to know
rated on durability, ease of creation (hole drilling, not chance of frying), and asthetic factors etc


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  1. The p4 is on a ugly green pcb. You don't want that on your key ring. oops keychain. US/UK thing.

    <i><b><font color=red>"2 is not equal to 3, not even for large values of 2"</font color=red></b></i>
  2. I like the Classic Athlon (the old harmonica looking thing) now thats a keychain, just don't sit down with it in your pocket.

    hey holy grenade, ever heard of a "key fob"? I have heard that used before, where in the heck does that come from, France or something?
  3. Right now, T-Bird Core beats all Intel has, except Xeon. But what I'm wating for is at the end of the year when I think we're going to see a heck of a fight between Northwood and Palomino. I really think with the right platform, Northwood may succeed.
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