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Websites for Laptop Deals?

I'll bet this has been a thread before (but it's alluded me during my searching), but does anyone know of websites for tracking laptop deals? I already have Dealzon bookmarked, but I still haven't found a laptop for the price I want (one with the ability to play games yet still under $700USD - other than the HP DV6 during Christmas). Any sites you know of? Thanks in advance for the help!
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  1. Try Logic buy or newegg..
  2. It seems like I've been checking out Newegg daily, and lately I've been disappointed with the deals they've been having (even their Black Friday and Cyber Monday laptop deals weren't the best). Logicbuy, on the other hand, seems like it could be a nice resource (it's one site I've forgotten about)!
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    Dealigg is also worth bookmarking while you're shopping around.
    They have the Store & Coupons option for the major MFGRs.
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