Apple iBook G4 won't show videos online

Hi, my Apple iBook G4 running MAC OS X Tiger 10.4 and when I try to play a video on yahoo sports page it only shows a blank screen where th video should be and if I try to go to youtube safari shuts down I've rtied updating the java and flash player as well as I loaded perian but nothing works it still doing the same thing... Help needed.
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  1. reinstall quicktime and all of the funcations before you install them make sure you remove all of the old ones
  2. tried that and it didn't work.
  3. The best thing with macs is lifetime support no matter how old it is call them really. they will fix this issue for you.
  4. install adobe flash player. if that doesnt help, try FIREFOX browser, if that doesnt help,
    buy a new computer
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