Cables for Belkin Rack Console model F1DC101H

Hi All,

I just bought a refurbished Belkin Rack Console F1DC101H. All the cables are missing.
I has a single parallel port to connect to. It is a 25 pin standard connector DB-25 (like for the old printers).
I 'd like to connect that to my server with VGA - USB (or PS2) but I can't find a cable.
Here is a pic of that connector:

I check with Belkin support but all the cable the recommend me are with different cables with 50 pins connector which are used for KVM's, but my unit doesn't have a KVM.

Does anybody knows about that 25 pins port?
If someone has a similar product with that port how is it connected?
Is the connector I have functioning with has a daisy chain input for Belkins KVM's?

Any help is appreciated!!!

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  1. Anyone???
    Or does anyone a better forum for that question?

  2. Anyone???
    Or does anyone a better forum for that question?

  3. I'm giving your thread a bump and wanted to see if anyone has come up with a solution. I've also purchased one of these consoles and thought I had it figured out, but didn't. The literature says it is compatible with the Belkin Pro3 KVMs, so I purchased a Belkin Pro3 (F1DA104Z). I thought the 25 pin cable on the console would attach to the 25 pin output port on the KVM ... but that does not appear to work. I am using a Belkin F1D108-CBL to attach to the KVM and I'm using F1D9401 cables to connect to the servers ... but I still get an indication on the screen that it does not see a signal.
    That made me take a step back and now I'm thinking the 25 pin port on the back of the F1D101H is really just for a 25 pin KVM cable ... like the F1D9300 or F1D9301. This would then attach into the VGA and PS2/USB ports on the KVM switch.
    So I'm looking to see if you ever got a solution.
  4. FYI, this cable works: Belkin Omniview Matrix2 Series Octopus Cable, PS/2 1.8m. It basically lets you use any VGA source so you should be able to use any pc/kvm with a vga output. I havn't tried the ps/2 ports yet but I am assuming they work too.
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