Looking for a monitor for gaming (200 or less)

Anyone know of a good sharp/clear monitor for ganming.

I have. Ve228h but it ghosts like crazy and is not very clear. Im running externally from a sager np9150 laptop. It's 1920 x 1080 native display.

What would you guys suggest? I want a clear bright monitor that doesnt ghost and stays clear while playing games such as bf3 or watching movies.

Thanks mfor you help guys.
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  1. Any TN panel would work for your needs, but I suggest the ViewSonic VX2460h-LED as it's the largest screen of quality that fits your budget. Another alternative would be the Samsung S24B300EL.
  2. That looks pretty good,
    What do you game on?
    I'm trying to prevent blue/ghosting in games like bf3.
    Ill go into frys today see if they have ot so i can check it out.
  3. I don't really game too much anymore, but depending on the computer I use either a LG W2252TQ (was $300 when I bought it) or a HP ZR24W (rarely). I have to say that most monitors nowadays don't have ghosting issues of previous years, I remember when LCD's first came out and the response time was somewhere around 25ms, not the 8 or 5 we see today.

    Take a look and see, I always suggest that in person because it can hard to tell otherwise.
  4. Ok great, thanks for your input. Im at frys hope they have someething that will fit the bi. Thanks again.
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