Ideal monitor from the list?

Hello to the community,.

I'm looking for a replacement to my old monitor, after some reading and local availability, I've ended up with these monitors:

AMVA panels:
24" BenQ GW2450
22" Benq GW2250

IPS panels:
~24" LG IPS234V
~23" ASUS VS229H
~23" AOC i2353PH

TN panels:
~24" LG X2301
~22" Samsung BX2250
~23" Samsung PX2370

Primary use:
+ Movies
+ RTS games

Ideal: :wahoo:
+ Static Contrast ratio
+ Color Vibrancy\Pop\Saturation
+ Gloss\minimal AG

Not Important: :non:
- Ergo options\Connection options
- Viewing Angles
- Design\Style

First off,
My room is very dark so reflection and viewing angles aren't issues, I'll mostly use this for watching movies so I'm looking for good color saturation and vibrancy,. not exactly accurate reproduction,. just good contrast and "pop" to the picture.

I prefer a gloss finish since it should increase the perceived contrast, AMVA panels is quite obvious for contrast but after some online researching, some users seem to dislike the BenQ G2450 for poor contrast or other issues though those might isolated cases. Contrast ratio and color saturation is different anyway, dunno if IPS generally excels on this.

I do game, but mostly RTS so ghosting and input lag is not a priority.

Prices are within budget, unfortunately, I can't get a side by side comparison since they come from different stores and aren't open for display.

That's why I'm asking you guys just in case you got to compare some of these, and maybe I could stitch some relative comparison between others to make an informed decision.

Thanks in advance!!! :D :D :D :D
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  1. IPS panels generally have the best color out of all technologies, while MVA panels have the best contrast, and TN has the fastest response time (as well as glossy displays). For the most part your going to have to prioritize what you want more than the others. I personally like IPS panels due to the color accuracy and quality of the panel. Of the monitors on your list the only one I am familiar with is the LG IPS234V, and I have good things about it's picture quality, especially given the price.

    As far as anti-glare goes, glossy screens actually annoy me because they cause eyestrain and reflect light. The problem with anti-glare isn't so much the fact that it is anti-glare but how the manufactures apply it with that particular model(some do it well, some do not) so it really depends on the monitor. Also glossy screens tend to show dirt and smudges more than matte screens as an aside.
  2. Thanks sk1939,.

    I'm coming from AOC 193FW, an old 19" TN monitor from 2007- blacks are crushed and more of a dark grey but I've been happy with it. I'm expecting that PQ of all recent panels should be superior.

    I basically want the feel of those Samsung Series 6 LED-HDTVs- you know, the poppy contrast and dark blacks. If my research is correct, Samsung uses SPVA panels for most of their high-end TVs. I suppose AMVA panels would feel closer to the Sammy than an IPS one.

    About the LG IPS234V, by quality,. what do you exactly mean? I've read that LG IPS monitors exhibit moderate light bleeding which maybe an issue since I'll be using them in a VERY DARK room,. no windows at all,.

    On a side note, just saw a Dell U2311H monitor selling at the same price with the BenQ GW2450,. should I consider it as an option.
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    You aren't going to get that kind of "feel" (of the Samsungs) without spending a significant amount of money (~$400) or so.

    Samsung does make PVA monitors, but as with MVA they tend to have better contrast than IPS and TN displays, but worse color than IPS and are slower than TN panels.

    Picture quality. I haven't really found light bleed to bother me all that much because most of what I am doing is not near the edge of the screen, and I usually have a light or two on besides.

    Yes, definitely consider the Dell Ultrasharps, they are generally excellent displays. Here is a professional review of the U2311H minus the marketing malarky and gamer focus inherent with so many monitor reviews.
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  5. Thanks,. seems like I'm asking too much for my budget,. haha..
    Unfortunately,. the Dells was sold about 8 minutes ago,. just can't do anything about it.

    It'll definitely consider the LG IPS234V since its readily available, the BenQ is on reservation basis.

    Thanks again..
  6. Your welcome :)

    If you have any additional questions, feel free to come back and ask.
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