Autostart(yes I hate it)

How do I disable that annoying Autostart?
I´ve tried to click properties on the Cd drive but it doesn´t work.
Help me before I go mad!

Psst, I did search the boards without any results :tongue:

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  1. "In Windows XP, you can update the AutoPlay tasks by:
    1. Open My Computer
    2. Right-click on the drive in question and select "Properties"
    3. Go to the "AutoPlay" tab and select what AutoPlay action you would like.


    Disable CD-ROM Autostart

    Name: Autorun
    Type: REG_DWORD
    Data: 1

    It should be set at "1", change it to "0" if you want to turn it
    off. You may have to restart your machine.

    Logic goes away if it is not the first or seemingly obvious answer to a problem. :eek:
  2. Open the Run dialog and type in "gpedit.msc", and press enter.

    Computer Configuration
    > Administrative Template
    > System
    > Turn off autoplay (Enable)

    If you just want this on a user basis, go to User Configuration instead.


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  3. Thanks to both of ya...problem solved.
    I used the Gpedit.msc thing as it was easier to pull off.

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