Help. I am buying a laptop TODAY and need advice! Heavy user. (links)

HP LAPTOP LINK;;+Core&%23153;+i5+Processor+/+17.3%22+Display+-+Aluminum/1686237.p?id=1218279827833&skuId=1686237&cmp=RMX&ref=06&loc=01&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=1686237#tabbed-customerreviews

TOSHIBA LAPTOP LINK;;+Core%26%23153;+i7+Processor+/+16%22+Display+/+4GB+Memory+/+640GB+Hard+Drive+-+Slate/1260852.p?id=1218244144261&skuId=1260852&st=Toshiba%20i7&cp=1&lp=1#tabbed-customerreviews

So I went to Best Buy last night completely planning on buying this HP dv7-4285dx but of course had to check out the other laptops when I was there. The HP seemed cool, it seemed solid, I didn't really like the touch pad but I would mostly be using it with a mouse so I was able to look past that. Then as I was cruising around I noticed this Toshiba A665-S6094 that seemed pretty sweet! It had a smaller screen at 16" vs the HP's hefty 17.3", but it just seemed like a more solid machine. It has 4gb of RAM instead of the HP's 6gb, but it features an i7 processor vs the HP's i5. I can always upgrade the RAM later.

I guess my main concerns are the fact that the screen on the Toshiba is smaller and it has less RAM. I am using the PC primarily for heavy graphic and web development, photography with lots of RAW files and processing, some music production and other computer intensive apps like iTunes ( I know I know), firefox, chrome, etc etc all running simultaneoously. I use my computers HARD and want a computer that can keep up.

When I have the laptop at home I'll probably have it hooked up tomy 24" monitor, but a lot of the time I am out and about and need to work outside of the home. Will the 16" screen be limiting? Or will it not be that big of a deal vs the 17.3"? Will the i7 on the Toshiba fare that much better against the i5 on the HP if I am using the computer HEAVILY? Will I be limited by the 16" screen size of the Toshiba? Resolution is only 1366 x 768 and the HP is 1600 x 900...

Windows Scores
HP: Processor 6.8 RAM 6.8 Graphics 5.0 Gaming Graphics 6.2 Primary Hard Disk 5.9
Toshiba: Processor 7.1 RAM 5.9 Graphics 4.9 Gaming Graphics 5.9 Primary Hard Disk 5.9
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