Acer aspire 5050 CPU upgrade

I have a Acer aspire 5050 with a AMD Turion MK 38 2.2GHz CPU with 4GB RAM and want to upgrade the CPU.
the reason is that it produces too much heat, temperature can reach 95 Celsius which would cause battery life to be shortened as fan is required to be running.
anyway the question is I want to upgrade to a Turion TL 60 X2 2.0GHz, would this generate more heat or will it help a little, im sure that i will see a performance increase but what about heat and battery life?
thank you in advance.
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  1. Hello rajaawad23;
    Looks like Turion TL 60 X2 might generate more heat. It's Thermal Design Power is 35 Watts vs 31 Watts for your current CPU.
    Turion MK 38 TDW 31 Watts
    Turion TL 60 X2 TDW 35 Watts
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